Leading Responsibiligy

From the article “why should anyone be led by you”, I learnt that inspirational leaders usually share four unexpected qualities. The first one is that inspirational leaders selectively show their weaknesses. The second one is that they rely heavily on intuition to gauge the appropriate timing and course of their actions. The third one is that they manage employees with tough empathy method. The last one is that they can reveal their difference.

I have some personal experience related to the above things that I would like to share here. As I introduced myself in the class, I have worked for 3 years as an external auditor before I came to USA. From the third year, my company started to give me some opportunities to lead some small projects of annual auditing. Because those projects are small ones, usually the team members in my team are new employees who lack work experience. At the beginning, I should say that it was difficult for me. The reason is that you can do your own part of work excellently does not mean you can also be a good leader. To be a good leader, you need to manage you team to complete work on time with high quality, which means management, coordination, communication, and cooperation. To be honest, I was not confident that I can lead the team to do a good job. But I know I should try to encourage my team members and trust them.

Therefore, the first thing I do together with my team members is that I have a meeting with them. The contents were as followings. I tell them that although I have done a lot of annual auditing in the past two years, this is the 1st time I lead the whole team to do the project. I lack of experience as a leader. I am not good at encouraging people. I am not good at taking care of everyone’s feeling. I am not good at controlling time so that I need someone to help me to remind the team of our progress. I can also make mistakes. Sometimes I am too demanding to pursue the perfect outcome. And I also tell them that I have a...