Leading from the Mind

Modern Leadership
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 600 9045
Susan Malone

The following paper examines two different leadership styles. Daniel Goleman introduces emotional intelligence and he explains the fundamental elements that define emotional intelligence and make a good leader. Mitch McCrimmon examines thought leadership in the workplace and compares it to shared or positional leadership. Both styles of leadership are similar and yet much different. In order for an organization to be effective, it must utilize both styles of leadership. Today’s economic climate calls for companies to constantly think outside the box and be innovative and in order to do this, organizations need good leadership. What defines good leadership? Both Goleman and McCrimmon give examples of what comprises a true leader and what qualities should a good leader should posses.

Leading from the Mind
What is leadership? Leadership is defined as the ability to guide or direct a group of individuals. In order to guide or direct a group, one must be able to take charge and influence in an effective way. According to Daniel Goleman, leadership comes from a learned emotional intelligence. Goleman claims that in order to be a good leader, one must possess the quality of empathy. One must be able to emotionally understand others and use this understanding to exert influence. (Goleman, 1998) According to Mitch McCrimmon, anyone can be a leader. McCrimmon claims that leadership comes from ones ability to be innovative and convince others with work backed up by facts. McCrimmon has an idea that leadership happens from the bottom and works its way up the food chain. McCrimmon introduces the idea of though leadership, which invokes a healthy competition among employees and consistently raises the bar. (McCrimmon, 2005)
Emotional Intelligence
The ability to lead comes from having a certain amount of the necessary personality qualities that allows one to...