Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively

Leading and motivating a team effectively

Know how to communicate the organisations vision and strategy to the team – pg 4

Know how to motivate and develop the team – pg 7

The objective of ABMU Health Board is to improve the health of our community and to deliver effective and efficient healthcare in which our patients and users feel cared for, safe and confident. My team and I in collaboration with around 16,500 colleagues support this objective. My contribution to this is to ensure that every In-hospital death is reviewed by a doctor, the depth of the review will depend on the findings from the initial first stage of the review process. The purpose of the Mortality Review process is to identify things that went wrong and what could have been done better and provide feedback to inform improvement. It is not always possible to save the life of a patient but it is possible to ensure they have a good death. It also brings great comfort to the relatives of the deceased patient to know that a sufficient review of the care their loved one received in the last few days of life had been undertaken. My team and I have a common goal, but all have individual tasks to complete which contribute to the achievement of the goal. I think it is important that colleagues are not only aware of their individual objective but also the teams’, departments’ and organisations objective. Employees need to understand how their roles contribute to delivering the organisation’s goal.

Organisations can vary in terms of how much employees feel that they have a shared sense of purpose. A high level of shared purpose suggest that people from across the organisation work to common goals and are highly motivated to deliver those goals. Low levels of shared purpose indicate a fragmentation of effort and, typically, little sense of strategic direction. Communicating and celebrating progress towards the achievement of the goals is necessary in maintaining the shared sense of purpose....