Assignment Instructions

|Candidate Name                                       |Orbit ID         |Email address                                                 |
|Zaynab Abid                                           |13-L2F3 - 07     |zaynab-abid@hotmail.com                                       |

Dear ILM Candidate,
Congratulations!  You have completed the required guided learning hours, the first step toward the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills.
To receive the award you now need to complete and pass 2 assignments.  This document contains the required Assignment Submission Formats to be completed and returned to support@orbitconsulting.com. As briefed at the training you have 2 weeks to submit your completed assignment from the receipt of this document.
Please note some important instructions below.   Please follow them carefully.

Please enter your full name (as you would like it on your certificate), Orbit ID and e-mail address in the box above.   You can find your Orbit ID on the email with this document.

The first part of each Assignment Submission Form is highlighted in orange. This is the Mark Sheet and IS NOT FOR CANDIDATES.  Please go directly to the assignment template and insert your answers. We recommend you read the Mark Sheet to see how your assignments will be marked.

The Assignment Submission Forms have been formatted for easy completion and easy grading.  Please do not change the format of the documents when entering your answers.

Once you have completed your answers save the document using your orbit ID and name:  For example, L2M7-01 Adel Al Yadoobi.   Again see the list attached to the email for your ID number.  

Once complete and saved email directly to support@orbitconsulting.com.  


Marks Summary (For Assessor)

|Unit                               |Total Mark                         |Pass / Referall                     |
|8000-250                           |...