P7- Leadership
Team Building
    When a team leader wants new employees they go through a progress called recruitment, what they do in this is advertise the position the employer is wanting filled by putting it on the internet, in the newspaper ETC. When the employer gets all the CV’s and they pick the neat ones, they then pick which ones are better. After all of that they interview them then they decide whether to hire them or not through a selection test.
    In the induction the employee is told everything about the company they are working for but it also helps to research the company before the interview, they also go through the health and safety on the induction for that company, they also learn about the company policy and procedures and where to go if they ever need help with their job role. The induction when starting a new job is very important in the public services as they often have a probationary period where they are told everything about what they have to do in their job role.
    Motivating is a key skill in public services as the team leader must be able to have a clear aim and able to help them in how to complete the task given. The leader can also set up a challenge for their team as a group but can give them different jobs to do in that task; this can fail as the task could be too simple or too difficult. The team leader can use rewards as motivation making the team work hard as a group to get the reward the team leader promised but this can fail because this can make some team members feel like they can’t achieve the task therefore give up on it.
Training and coaching
      Training and coaching are also very important in the public services. Many employees are expected to do highly specialised and extensive training so they are able to perform and do well in their job role e.g. Army, before troops are sent off they are sent to a training camp where they learn how to live in all different types...