Are leaders born or made?   People have debated for centuries whether leaders are born or made.   Although academics have answered the question, it is constantly debated.   The research shows that leaders are comprised of both.   Leaders are to some extent born, and they are always made.   Knowing that leaders are made, this essay argues why leader assessment and development will assist me in my career as a field grade officer.

      Effective leaders seek out development opportunities. By increasing my knowledge, skill, and experience, I will improve my ability to function as a field grade officer.   Knowledge refers to concepts, theories, and principals regarding a particular subject.   Skill refers to the ability to successfully apply that concept or theory in practice and achieve the expected result.   Experience is empirical, or knowledge gained through observation or doing.   All three require continual development to become an effective leader.

      The scope and complexity of issues encountered as a field grade officer increase dramatically as compared to those of a company grade officer.   By continually seeking opportunities to increase my knowledge, I will consistently expand the conceptual tools available to conduct effective problem solving.   Improving the depth of knowledge in my area of concentration will instill confidence in my subordinates, as well as assist me with their professional development.   As regular physical activity sculpts muscle tissue and improves endurance, assimilation of knowledge exercises the mind.   This mental conditioning will allow me to development new mental models to apply toward the complex situations that I will encounter as a field grade officer.   The successful application of knowledge yields skills.

      Skill is developed through deliberate effort and repetition.   Effective leaders take control of their own development and seek out training programs that will make a difference in their performance.   Through training...