Assignment 1-Part 1:Blog, On-line Article, Journal Article review

It's often discussed that what makes a good leader, and what are the main attributes an effective leader should have. There exist several articles published on this topic "Key Leadership Attributes" which explain the key qualities that every leader should try to follow and manage before leading others. I chose " Leading yourself before you lead others" topic as it encouraged me to survey and understand how can we become an effective leader, as if we are not able to manage our self first than we cannot manage others. I feel that Dan McCarthy article on “Before you can lead others, you need to manage yourself” motivates me to understand   basic requirement what a leader should know and learn to manage within himself   before leading others.When we talk about a team its development only starts with the   development of the team leader.   Leader in an organization is responsible to set goals, set priorities and achieve success. Also he/she plays an important role in motivating others and are considered as a role models for others.
According to Dan McCarthy, "Leadership is leading yourself before you lead others", which means that leaders   must first identify the leadership traits and understand how to develop his/her own skill sets to properly prepare for larger leadership roles and continued success in current role.   This matter of thinking is simply, and doesn't allow to become stale.   Always looks for ways to better yourself which will translate into the better performance of your teams and organizations.. He argues that you can't lead if no one follows you   and followership is not conferred by a title, and it can't be forced. In fact it's all about inspiring people and only those leaders can inspire others who are capable of   managing   themselves (Para 1,2,3).Dan McCarthy stated in this article what managing means and the ways to...