Wouldn’t you like to be the owner of your own company? Being able to completely run your business, making all the decisions, and providing for the community to benefit society is exactly what I’m talking about. I am infatuated with the thought of being CEO which is why I chose Frank Blake as my leader/ role model. The purpose for this project is to help guide myself to a path where I know what goals should be met and why. I can use my outline as a guiding step to assist me with becoming what I want to be most, CEO and head of my own company. Frank Blake, born as Francis Stanton Blake was born July 30th, 1949 and is my leader and role model to becoming a CEO of a wholesale building supply store. I chose Blake as my leader and role model because he has shown leadership qualities in which I admire. “He's shown that he know

how to make those tough calls, including pulling out of China, which doesn't have a DIY culture.” ((2013). Fortune.com)).
As a future business entrepreneur I began to study Business Administration in order to understand how a business must be run. The idea of being somebody important to society and being able to use my business to benefit society has completely took over my mind. Ever since I began working at the age of thirteen in my father’s concrete company I realized that I wanted to be the vender of these goods I use every day so that they can be affordable and help communities around the world. I expect to complete this program by the end of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The length of my study will be much more than that of course because there is always something to learn and that will help me succeed in doing what I want to do. Some of the fundamental skills I will need to acquire in order to succeed in my career field are but not limited to: leadership skills, communication, creativity, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and the ability to adapt quickly to ever changing environment. “Blake has invested in the company...