The nine spheres of leadership are positive reinforcement, punishment, expertise, persuasion, coaching, relationship, vision, charisma, and authority (Johannsen, 2009). As a manager I would integrate the concept of Johannsen’s theory into my professional practice through the use of positive reinforcement, coaching, relationship, vision, and charisma. I feel that these are some of the traits that are already present in my leadership style. Charismatic leadership is one of the most powerful methods of leader influence, and vision can motivate people to accomplish their goals (Johannsen, 2009). I feel that one of the most important tasks of a leader is to motivate his or her followers to go along the path to success. Although I feel that now I do not have all of these traits, I still have the ability to develop them in the future (Johannsen, 2009).
I agree with the theory presented in the article because I feel that all nine spheres are crucial to having effective leadership. I would integrate this concept into my workplace and feel that there is a need for this process because I think leaders can use this information to influence their people to accomplish their goals. I feel that all nine concepts are equally important and needed. As Johannsen states, “a leaders sphere of influence is like signing- if one only belts out one not there’s no song. But if you have nine notes, the song sounds like real music” (2009).

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