Management is not leadership, just as leadership is not management in almost every company today, both leaders and managers are necessary for the growth and success of the business. Although they may seem the similar, they are two very different types of individuals that play a large role business .In many cases, management and leadership can be performed by one individual, and in other cases, they are done by several individuals. Because of this, management as well as leadership often are hard to carry out, and tend to be the least favourite thing to do in any business but how does this interfere with the role and responsibility that organizational management and their leaders play in creating and maintaining healthy organization and childcare establishments When trying to differentiate the difference between management and leadership, it is said that management and leadership are two ideas that may be intertwined, but there is a huge difference between a leader and or his/her manager. Due to this, there are two different ways of organizing people; manager often uses a formal method approach, whereas the leader uses the passionate approach. This also happens because managers do things right, and leaders do the right things for their employees as well as the company. Often managers are direct and to the point, while leaders try to explain the work and are more on hand with the work that is being done. Because of this, management is perceived as not caring about the workers, whereas leadership is all about the workers and the process needed to complete the job.
In my workplace we have a leader, two line managers, senior staff who all work together to implement activities that will be carried out throughout the year, we consult and meet staff on a regular basis to make sure that all work carried out is fit for purpose and delivers on the vision and aim’s of the project it is also important that all the activities that have been set meet...