Leadership Essay
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”, said John Quincy Adams. This quote refers to the impact good leadership has on others. You are considered a true leader when you make a positive, significant impact on others. This significant impact could be along the lines of mentally, physically, and even spiritually, which connects to the mind, body, and soul relation. The mind, body and soul are three major factors that can greatly effect decision making, especially if being influenced by others (or a leader).
Good leadership is obtained with good attitudes, leadership skills, behaviors, and communications. A leader, especially a good one, is crafted by their education and experiences. A leader should approach new settings, and know their limits, then achieve for more.
Although there are good and bad leaders that make good and bad actions, one should commit to becoming a good leader with good reasons and actions. A true leader is unique and original with their own style along with different strategies. Leadership has various styles. The multiple styles are composed to better benefit others, which is what a good leader should do. Some common leadership styles included innovative, command, charismatic, democratic, and transformational.
Innovative leadership style consists of being creative, advanced and ingenious. This particular leadership is known for encouraging creativity and new thinking and ideas and risk taking; failure does not hinder - because it makes them better. Innovative leaders usually go for strategies that change and improve their group. The innovative process includes idea generation, evaluation, and implementation. Since the whole idea of innovation, the group should have leader that is a great logical, strategic planner. Along with logical planning, as the group moves to a higher level, the leader (and the group members), should think of any possible challenges the...