Leadership Skills of an Operations Manager

Leadership skills of an Operations Manager
MT 435-03 Unit 2
Submitted by: Erica Collins
Professor:   Derek Abeyta
July 19, 2011

    An operations manager is a person who can transform a business to the next level of success. Operational mangers are those people that possess certain characteristics and traits yet not found in all managers. There are two types of people those who are managers which reduces the risk and a leader who pursues opportunities (www.1000ventures.com). Below I will elaborate on those attributes and qualities that make for great leaders.
    In order for a operations manager to be successful he must be first concern about his employees. For instance, the manager I work for cannot run the business successful if he does not interact with his employees or the customers that frequent the establishment. Managers must also be trustworthy and able to show empathy. If there is no trust then employees find it hard to open up about certain situations about the company’s direction. Empathy is that trait that says; even though I am in charge I understand how you fill. Daniel Goleman would refer to this as social intelligence.
    There are many other traits and qualities a manger should possess such as:
• Enthusiasm
• Integrity
• Self-confidence and self-reliance
• Creativity
• Fairness
    Great leaders come with the ability to communicate effectively. If communication is limited then there will be many roadblocks. Leaders like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Ghandi all were considered great leaders. These people were visionaries yet practical, strong yet vulnerable, had aspirations yet they were human (Landing leadership pg.1). In order for an operations manager to be perceive as a great leader he must display some of these qualities. Effective leaders must possess strong people skills in other words (Daniel Goleman, 2008). Operations managers not only talk but are able to demonstrate the direction and...