Leadership Sentence Outline

Question:   What are the critical leadership problems facing the 56th ABCT?   How will you use leadership processes and concepts to improve the ABCT and achieve your vision?  
  I.   Introduction
  A.   Attention Step:   The 56th ABCT has experienced a tumultuous 18 months and is on the verge of complete failure if the organization isn’t turned around.
  B. Thesis:   The 56th ABCT requires a complete restructure and renewed focus on core leadership and team building principled to avoid complete failure as an organization.  
  C. Major Points:   By developing and sharing an organizational vision, changing perceived accepted behaviors, flushing out toxic leaders and developing and enforcing organizational ethics the 56th ABCT will once again be one of the best maneuver brigades in Forces Command.
  II.   Major Point A
The 56th ABCT lacks an organizational vision.   If they are to succeed they need to develop and share a new vision.
  A.   The 56th ABCT was considered among the best maneuver brigades in Forces Command just 36 months ago.
  B. Staff sections appear to jump from one crisis to another with a complete lack of vision.
  C. Perception that individual battalions are competing not to improve the BDE but to make themselves distinct from the brigade.   Instituting team building events will move the brigade in the right direction.

  III. Major Point B
The 56th ABCT exhibits behaviors that are contrary to accepted norms in the Army.   Turning the brigade around will require a change of accepted behaviors throughout the brigade.
  A.   Rid the brigade of unit rituals that may border on hazing.
  B. Flush out toxic leaders and either retrain or remove them from the formation.
  C. Enforce a no-tolerance policy for fraternization.
  IV. Major Point C
The 56th ABCT will excel once again only after clear ethics are developed and enforced.  
  A.   Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.   Any perception otherwise should be stopped immediately....