Leadership Philosophy

My Top Four

My values are an integral part of my life.   They are important to me and I make sure that they get expressed.   How I act on them is usually a source of satisfaction in my life.   I exercise many values that range in frequency and importance.   Some, I should act upon more or less frequently than I do, and some of high importance are acted upon frequently.   The latter, my essential primary values, are my top four: receptiveness, awareness, socialness, and assertiveness.

I believe that I must be self-aware to achieve personal growth.   It is a challenging value to espouse because the subjective perception of my traits, feelings, and behaviors may differ from my objective expressions. How I think I am versus how I really am is at the crux of my existence.   My ability to appreciate the daily conflicts between my actual self and who I want to be directly influences my success or failure in personal growth.   I view these constant conflicts as opportunities, not obstacles.   Some days I am stronger and can see these conflicts clearly and seize the opportunity to grow.   Other days, it is just easier to avoid the personal conflict inherent to being truly self-aware. Indicators of self-awareness are humility, empathy, and compassion.


I believe that in order to personally grow, I must be receptive to my environment and those in it.   Without this trait I am merely existing, not living.   Gaining knowledge about me, others, how I fit in to the world, and how things work are powerful resources for the job of living.   Each affects my ability to understand and accept challenges both at a personal and a professional level. Indicators of receptiveness are curiosity, openness and determination.   I value these indicative traits more than all others simply because they embody my strive to get as much out of this short life as possible.


I believe that our interactions with others are the windows to our souls.   We are social...