Leadership Memo

TO:   Bruce Ferber
FROM:   Christopher Massie
DATE:   April 21, 2014
SUBJECT:   Leadership Approach Memo

Dear Mr. Ferber:

The following memo is regarding our new team and how I plan to lead them for this new segment of our company.   Within this memo, it will state how I will successfully lead this team.   I will state the evaluations of our teams’ personalities in regards to the Jungian personality test.   I will also evaluate our current situation in terms of urgency, culture, etc.   Finally, I will determine, based on the team and situation, our leadership approach which I have applied from the various leadership theories that have been learned about from our company management materials.

      As a manager, I have always felt more comfortable with using a “Democratic Style” of leadership because I feel that “a leader who involves employees in decision making, delegates authority, and uses feedback as an opportunity for coaching employees” (Robbins, 462) is a more proper way to manage a group of people.   It allows not just the manager, but his or her employees to help out with making decisions in their own ways. and how the feedback is properly given and received by all parties involved.

Now, let us discuss each individual on the team and their personality.   We have Patrick who is ENTP, David who is ESFP, Jeremy, who is ESTP, finally, I am ISTJ.

      Patrick is innovative and an individual.   He will be very strong as our strategic planner.   As the strategic planner, his job will be to create a strategic plan every year and make sure that it gets completed before the next fiscal year begins, so our corporation will continue to be relevant for many years to come.   David is social, spontaneous, and a fun-loving individual.   He would be great as our fund raiser, and “money creator”.   As our fund raiser, David will be able to go to any of our supporters and partners to create a budget with the money received from people who are willing to donate...