Leadership Development

Identify the main conclusions and supporting evidence provided by the author

In this article, the author highlighted on three main factors impacting on leadership development and lead to multiple result in the company success. The financial performance, talent attraction and retention, development of a performance culture, and increased organizational agility.

Leadership skills development can play a large role in organization. Often, technical skills can only take you so far. To help move forward in career, people need soft skills such as the ability to be a good leader. Therefore, leadership skills are considered to be important traits which can help to get to the top of the career field. Few people are born to be leaders. Most of us need to practice being a good leader, and that's why leadership development is so important.

The importance of business leadership is well articulated by this observation: A good leader can make a success of a weak business plan, but a poor leader can ruin even the best plan. That’s why developing effective leadership by using a consistent talent management program at all levels across the organization can return significant business value. To identify, attract, fill, and retain corporate leadership talent, companies need leadership development programs focused on hiring strategies, employee development, and career and succession planning

Companies face two major challenges in finding and developing leaders. They need to identify qualified candidates to fill current and future leadership roles, and they need to develop a comprehensive leadership program to cultivate and develop the leaders of tomorrow. In the past, leadership development was focused on only a few individuals in the organization. First- generation systems to assist with leadership development were siloed and/ or hard to use and were not widely adopted. Companies needed a system-enabled way to unify methods of assessing and selecting leaders, executing...