Leadership Communication


A leader prepares
Leadership Communication
Sachin Sundar 3/8/2015

Adaption of lessons learned from the classical acting text, An Actor Prepares, written by Constantine Stanislavski, towards leadership.

Some people claim that great leaders are born and not made. I believe that even though there are certain traits that can be attributed to genetics which can, let’s say, gives a person the propensity to be a leader, I think through hard work and training anyone can master the “Art of great leadership”. In this paper, I am exploring some of the ways a person can train to be a great leader by drawing parallel from training techniques used by an actor.

The primary source from which an actor can draw to create the emotional world of their character is their own life. In an analogous way, an authentic leader must draw from the experiences in their own life. This involves ‘connecting with themselves’ and drawing from the emotional memories and from key events of one’s life. To be a great leader, the quality to recall past experiences from the personal life that trigger certain emotions can evoke the feeling of authenticity in your audience. A growing number of studies point to the importance of leaders expressing their vulnerabilities in order to fully engage with and establish trust from followers. By revealing vulnerability followers can more readily identify with leaders, resulting in more positive and influential relationships between leaders and followers.

Let’s take the example of President Obama, who I have always considered to be a good and genuine leader. He comes across as a person who is speaking from experience such that he truly understands and this helps us connect with his message. Similarly, by invoking memories that trigger the emotion I want to portray, I don’t have to be a good actor to portray my expressions anymore and still deliver a speech that connects with the audience. I like to use a...