Leadership Approach

Determining Your Perfect Position
Michael S Scott
July 12, 2011
Todd McGonicle

Determining Your Perfect Position
  The company you work for is about to expand and restructure your area.   You have been given the golden opportunity to develop your position that best servers the needs of the company, and allows for the best benefits. Some key areas to consider are leadership style and show the strengths and weaknesses of that style.   The second half is to show the comparison and contrast of your leadership style.
Perfect Position
To start I need to show that I am a dominant type “A” personality, however I can be people oriented and seek some participation from team members as long as time permits and there is a general flow towards the goals.   The perfect position is actually one that I am striving to reach in my current career.   It would be a government position around the 14-15 level, or director.   The field is Information Technology. The role and description would be a director of operations for an IT division of about 50-100 associates specializing in system and database administration, data farms and application support.   The primary duties would be to create and enforce the vision statement, manage personnel, and maintain a strong flexibility to stay current with the rapid changes in technology

The Strengths versus Weaknesses
I try to stay more toward a situational leader style; however my strong personality tends to pull me more towards an autocratic style. I still am people oriented and need social input and interaction, so I lean towards the democratic style. The democratic style of leadership is team focused and the leader tends to be more of a motivator and guide.   It’s the team that sets the goals and assigns the tasks, but as the leader, never lose site that I hold the responsibility of the position.   This style tends to create a more empowered team, which fosters an area of friendliness and personal growth.   Overall the team...