Leadership and Management Reflection

Since starting K313, what have you learned about yourself as a manager and leader and what are you going to do as a result?

I would like to explore how the module has led me to reflect upon my own leadership and management approach. I will explain my interpretation of the key differences between managers and leaders and explore how I see myself. I will then look at my own strengths and weaknesses and compare them with other students who were identified on the block forum activity. I have chosen to use the goal setting tool and will discuss how this tool has helped me to decide how I am going to achieve my ultimate goal of being a registered manager. In reaching my goal of becoming an effective manager I will check my skills against the four building blocks of a “fully rounded caring manager” (K313, Unit 1, p7). The four building blocks are; personal awareness, team awareness, contextual awareness and goal awareness. I will then have the information and perspective required to write my future development plan.

The block forum activity
I identified during the block forum activity that several people shared my own weakness of confidence in managing a team. During supervisions with my manager we identified that my biggest weakness is delegation. Following an evaluation of myself I found that the reason why I have difficulty with delegating certain tasks is that I lack trust that the task will be completed on time to my own standards. Perhaps my lack of trust comes from being let down by people in the past however it is pessimistic to assume that all people will not do the task set for them. As a result of this self-evaluation I decided that I need to place more trust on the staff members I work with and give them the benefit of the doubt.

I have previously participated in forums but generally only when I have to for study related topics. I felt vulnerable at the thought of sharing my professional weakness on the forum for everyone to see,...