Leadership and Influence

Leadership & Influence
Justus Ilodi
December 12, 2015

Leadership & Influence
Some of the greatest leaders of the world would not have been considered such without the ability to influence. Maybe we can agree that leadership takes practice, training, cultivating, as well as watching others. Leadership must also be influential. According to our e-book there are several tactics that can be used when trying to influence others as a leader. I have chosen three of these tactics that I feel are suited for my style of leadership and how I plan on implementing this three tactics as the boss of my own company sometime in the future. The three leadership tactics that appealed to me the most were rational persuasion, inspirational appeals, and consultation. When using rational persuasion, a leader’s objective is to convince someone by using logic or facts. Inspirational appeals are used when trying to appeal to others emotions, ideals, or values in order to build confidence or excitement. Consultation is used when trying to involve others in a decision or change that must be made. (Kinicki & Williams, 2015 p. 446) I believe these tactics fit me the most and they are also ranked as some of the most used tactics among influential leaders.
Looking back on my work experience, I’ve had several managers, all with different leadership skills and tactics. I remember mentioning Ford dealership in our class discussion, as it was the most recent job that I’ve had. My training manager would use coalition tactics and rational persuasion. Coalition tactics are used to get other people to support you in persuading others. (Kinicki & Williams, 2015 p. 446) I can recall our morning meetings we had and my manager implemented the rational persuasion tactic by telling us that all employees must sell at least five cars over the course of a month in order to keep our jobs. He would also implement coalition tactics by bringing in veteran salesmen to explain to...