Leadership and Environment

In the last ten decades, leadership has been a largely discussed subject in universities, business and military organizations. The arising of modern times and their radical changes in social, economic and political fields have transformed a traditional picture of boss in a skilled leader able to conduct his organization to the success in a challenged world, as a prophet would do. The emphasis ever was upon the leader, his principles, values and abilities. Recently however, has raised the contingencial idea about leadership. Now, the leader is not the only factor to be considerate, the environment plays an important role that affects any kind of leadership style. Therefore, all accumulated knowledge since the first studies about leadership have started should be discarded? No exactly, it actually means that an important set of knowledge with a new conception was joined to it.

Leadership and Environment
Looking around the leader
In the last century, global relationships have become very complex and dynamic, going over countries borders and being independent of language differences. In this chaotic scenery, the figure of leader, someone that has the power to guide others to success, has increased in importance. Many theories and techniques have been developed to help headers perform their jobs better, to be more effective in their goals and respected by their subordinates. However, the same environment has its influences on leaders’ followers changing their lives, and, consequently, their personal goals. In the modern asymmetric war, the environment is not static, it changes daily and professional soldiers are not spared by its consequences. The environment and its strong influences on leaders is an important aspect for leadership which has an effect on the duty performance, discipline, and unit cohesion.

The Evolution of Leadership
The art of leadership has been largely developed since the beginning of 20th century along with the arising of modern...