Lead and Manage a Team Within Health and Social Care

Lead and manage a team within health and social care
Sharon Chapman
3171/1.1 explains the features of effective team performance
An effective team which performs at the highest level, whilst completing their work efficiently to the best of their ability. An effective team will always consist of certain features enabling effective team performance.   Some of these features are as follows; develop goals and plans, i.e. an effective team will always devise a development or goal plan, which will describe the specific purpose for the team.   The team will work towards implementing plans to achieve the set goal.   Team member should also be clear about these goals and their priorities and consistently work in ways that will support the team’s goals.   Communication between the team is so important, team members should feel comfortable with sharing information, listening and provide each member with positive feedback.   Team meetings should be held on a regular basis, you could also provide a newsletter with such information.   Team meetings should be productive and well managed, they need to be focused and timely and used for team problem solving, decision making, distributing information and also developing the team’s skills.   Effective teams maintain positive relationships by supporting, cooperating, respecting and trusting each team member.   These relationships can be enhanced by proactively working to build these positive relationships by providing opportunities for social interaction.   Problems need to be solved in a timely manner, the same as decision making.   An effective team will identify a problem/issue and resolve it promptly with the involvement of all the team.   Obviously there is always going to be conflict, an effective team will identify and resolve these conflicts in a promptly and timely manner, which will also be mutually beneficial.   This will then minimise the occurrence of conflicts, effective teams will need to continue to communicate positively....