Le Divorce


      Le Divorce is an article discussing the issues of Belgium. Belgium is a small country
between France and Germany which is divided into two regions. One region is in the
north, Flanders which is the home to Dutch speakers; in the south is Wallonia, which is
the home to the French speakers. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is in state of an identity
crisis for not forming a governement since federal elections were held in June. The
problem here as they claim is that, Belgiums citizens have so little left in common that
they want to have a division between both regions. From its 10.8 million population
about sixty percent speak Dutch and live mostly in Flanders, while forty percent speak
French and live mostly in Wallonia.
      The Flemings and the Walloons have their own political parties, newspapers,
TV stations, novelists, and pop stars. Therefore, Flanders has claimed to become an
independent state. With Flanders becoming independent, this would leave Wallonia at
stake of being a high and dry rump state. Both regions don't feel as comfortable in the
other, its almost as there is a big cultural barrier considering the fact that they both
speak different languages. This language division is a social division as well according
to the article.
      In conclusion the two regions of Belgium have their cultural and linguistic differences
and chose to rather be independent states than being together. Now that Flanders has
become the wealthier region, they look to Britain and the United States for cultural aid
rather than to France.