Ldr 300 Final Exam

1. Considering a cultural approach to leadership, leadership should be conceptualized as:
• An ability or skill
• A dynamic social process
• A set of behaviors
• A relationship between a leader and a follower
2. Which type of leadership is most similar to transformational leadership?
• Transitional
• Transactional
• Laissez-faire
• Charismatic
3. Your boss listens to employees personal problems and tries to create a positive work environment by being agreeable, eager to help, comforting, and uncontroversial. This is an example of:
• Middle-of-the-road management
• Team management
• Country-club management
• Authority-compliance management
4. Contingency theory is concerned with ______ and _______.
• Traits; situations
• Leaders; followers
• Leadership; situations
• Styles; situations
5. Leadership focuses on the ________.
• Importance of lateral and upward influence patterns
• elimination of dependency in relationships
• ways to increase a leader's following
• downward influence of a leader on his or her followers
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6. Which of the following leadership theories expects the leader to continually be concerned about subordinate motivation?
• Contingency theory
• Situational leadership theory
• Leader-member exchange theory
• Path-goal theory
7. Argued that the major activities of management and leadership are played out differently; but both are essential to an organization:
• Jago
• Bass
• Kotter
• Zaleznik
8. According to research, one way women can advance in leadership is
• By acting masculine and assertive, and not in feminine ways.
• By blending individualized consideration with inspirational motivation.
• By strongly resisting stereotype threats.
• By leading in a more democratic manner than men.
9. In the skills model, which of these is a general cognitive ability?
• Problem-solving skills
• Information processing
• Motivation
• Knowledge...