Ld 302

1 A person-centred thinking is a set of values, skills and tools used in person centred planning and in the personalisation of services used by people who need support provided by social or health care. Person centred thinking can be used to build a person centred plan over time. The person centred thinking tools were developed by the Learning Community for Person Centred Practices. Person centred thinking tools are used in person centred reviews, for example (what people like and admire about me, what is important to me now, what is important to me in the future, how best to support me, what is working and not working for me, what is working and not working for my family, what is working and not working for others). It's related to Person centred planning because that is a process for continual listening and learning, focussing on what is important to someone now and in the future, and acting upon this in alliance with their family and friends.

2 Using a range of approaches to planning, and person centred thinking, will benefit anyone assisting in support planning for people who are making decisions about how they want to live and use their personal budget. These approaches should also be available to people who want to develop their own support plan, including self-funders. Person centred planning is a practical way for people to have choice and control in their lives.

3 It is a way of helping people who want to make some changes in their life. It is an empowering approach to helping people plan their future and organise the supports and services they need. It is a way to help people, think what they want and need out of life and plan how to do it. The person is the “key” to the planning process. The planning process helps to get others who care about the individual to help in the planning and doing. It provides effective way to listen and respond to people. Person centred planning is based on an explicit set of beliefs and values concerning people with...