Ld 201

Unit LD201: Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities

Understand the nature and characteristics of learning disability

  Explain what is meant by ‘learning disability’? | LD2012.1 |
Department of health defines the term ‘learning disability’ in the valuing people 2001 document As,*Significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information to learn new skills.*Reduced ability to cope independently which starts before adulthood with lasting effects on development. | |
Give 3 examples of causes of learning disability | LD2012.2 |
1.Before birth things can happen to the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) that causes a Learning Disability. A child can be born with a Learning Disability if the mother has an accident or illness while she is pregnant, or if the unborn baby develops certain genes. Genes are chemicals in our bodies that contain information about us I.e. eye colour.2.A person can be born with a Learning Disability if he/she does not get enough oxygen during child birth or if born prematurely3.After birth a Learning Disability can be caused by an early child hood illnesses. What is the cause of learning disability for some of the people you support?Some causes for the people I support are,Autism/Aspergers syndromeChallenging behavioursFragile X syndrome | |
What is the approx proportion of individuals with learning disability for whom the cause is ‘not known’? | LD2012.4 |
Among people who have a learning disability, in among 50% of causes have been identified in people with sever or profound learning disability the rate of unknown cases is approx 25%. | |
Understand the historical context of learning disability | |
Services and attitudes towards people with learning disabilities are influenced by the model of care. Describe key features of the medical and social models of care | LD2012.3 |
Medical modelThe traditional approach to diagnosis and treatment of illness as...