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Task1 PI: E3517028
Write a report analysing your organisation in its business environment, and the issues that are important to it at the present time. Use appropriate business concepts or frameworks as taught in the module when analysing your organisation.
I work for McDonald’s as a second assistant manager. McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain serving exceptional numbers of customers each day around the world and 3.5 million in the UK. In 1974 McDonald’s opened its first ever restaurant in the UK at Woolwich London and since it established around 1250 new restaurants all over the country. Over these 41 years McDonalds developed a high profile brand image and kept its unique position in the highly competitive market. In order to achieve this, the company introduced few aspects like customer friendly policy, advanced operational system, modern infrastructure. The company operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants which 2/3 of them are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

Name | McDonalds Corporation |
Locations | Over 36,000 location, in over 100 countries |
Revenue | US$ 27,441 billion (2014) |
Profit | US$4,758 billion(2014) |
Employees | 420,000 including around 100,000 in the UK |
Main Competitors | Burger King, KFC, |
Products | Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Cheese and hamburgers and Chicken McNuggets and sandwiches |
| |
Applying the PESTEL model to my organisation which stands for-
Political factors
Economic factors
Social factors
Technological factors
Environmental factors
Legal factors
Political factors
The business activity of a multinational or any organisation is affected by the policies of country and its government. This also applies to McDonald’s; its business has to observe the rules and regulations of the governments.
Economic Factors
Economic factors always have instant...