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How do I enable cookies in IE?
How do I enable cookies in Safari?
How do I enable cookies in Firefox?
How do I enable cookies in Chrome?
Internet Explorer (PDF) IE7 | IE8 & 9
Safari (PDF) Mac
Firefox (PDF) Mac | PC
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System Requirements
Does my computer meet the minimum requirements?
  * Windows 7, Vista, XP(SP2) or Macintosh OS X 10.5.8+
  * IE 7+, Safari 5.0.2+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 6+
  * Flash player
Should I be using a different Browser?
All browsers are capable of becoming corrupted and no longer working as expected. You can try resetting them or reinstalling them. Alternately, you can try using an alternate browser.
  * Chrome
  * Explorer
  * Firefox
How do I know that I have the right version of Flash installed?
Go to to verify that you are using Flash player or newer. You can update your Flash Player to the latest version at Once you update your Flash version, close all your open browsers and try again.
Connection Issues
How do I access my Toolwire Learnscape?
An excellent question! First you will need to go to the Materials page and locate your Toolwire Learnscape in the appropriate week. Next, click on the desired Learnscape title to get started.
How do I choose my Bandwidth version?
The Learnscape will automatically analyze your bandwidth when you first connect and provide you with the best possible experience based on your network speeds. If your connection slows while you are progressing through the Learnscape, you can open the Menu in the top-right corner and click on Switch Bandwidth Version to select the Low Bandwidth or the Download/Local version.
My Learnscape launches, but then stops. How do I get it to start up again?
Clearing your browser cache will solve several potential issues. Ensuring...