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Law Enforcement Robots Market Size, Share, Strategies,
Global Insights, Analysis and Forecasts, 2016 To 2022

Next generation law enforcement robots are being implemented as platforms. Platforms are useful for
accepting a range of components quickly to repurpose units on the fly. Law enforcement robots
leverage better materials, more sophisticated designs, software technology, and tablet remote controls.
They are communication devices that support high quality data gathering. Communications are
implemented in difficult situations. The study has 649 pages and 327 tables and figures.
Law enforcement robotics are slated to increase in value to cities and local communities providing low
cost protection and high value capabilities. With the active threat of terrorists attacking civilian
populations in every country, law enforcement has become the new military. As terrorists operate
outside nationalistic borders and infiltrate into the community, robot systems are needed by local police
forces, not just the military. The national priority in every country is to increase the budgets for regional
and local law enforcement robotic response.
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Response to emergency situations with robots include response to natural disasters, hostage taking,
barricaded law breakers, and terrorists. These situations have not been a problem inside local
communities, previously dealt with by national authorities.

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
With the rise of international terrorism, experienced through the news media in most local communities
and cities, the threat of local terrorism is becoming more real and unfortunately more common. The
robots offer al level of protection to the human by letting the police officers do some of their job
Law enforcement robots are mobile...