Law and Ethics

There are many ethical issues that affect the sport and leisure industry. The aim of this report is to identify ethical issues that arise from the portfolio and compare this academic research. The report will also comment about the effect on sport and event managers from these changes and influences. It will also look how they can protect the ethical integrity of sport
Sport ethics can be seen as a positive impact that guides human action. If sport is played fairly then it can make society and relations with different nations richer by respect and sportsmanship.

2.0 Portfolio
The portfolio articles have the same ethical issue of racism. Racism can be defined “racism in general terms consists of conduct or words or practices which disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. In its more subtle form it is damaging as in its overt form”
In the articles the main topics are;
  * Debates on punishment for racism events.
  * The racial abuse by fans to players.
  * The lack of black managers in football

3.0 Comparison of portfolio with academic research
The first issue that is highlighted in the portfolio is punishment for racial events and also shares a link with racial abuse by fans. The table, in appendix A, shows arrests that have been made inside and outside stadiums in England and Wales. The table shows arrests made for racial incidents of 23 inside and 0 outside stadiums. In the portfolio the article about footballer Andy Cole being racial abused by two football fans on a flight to Manchester helps to show more is being done to protect the integrity of sport by making more arrests and incidents are being dealt with outside the stadiums.
In the portfolio the articles about the lack of black managerial positions in English football has been raised since the sacking of Norwich manager Chris Hughton. Ethnic and racial studies (2011) invited people to predict the number of black managers by 2015....