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DATE: April 21, 2014
RE:         Sarbanes-Oxley - Not Just for the Big Fish,


      The article is about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how it affects small and large scale companies.   It explains why the act was put in place and why it is a good idea for smaller companies to at least try to follow the act.   It explains how the SOX functions and how to help time management with dealing with all the steps under the SOX.


      This article describes why large companies must follow the SOX.   The legal issue in the article is why smaller companies should at least try to follow SOX even know they don’t meet all the requirements.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is an act that was passed to help but barriers on large companies so that they don’t undermine investors, employees and anyone or anything that they are attached or may have an affiliation with.   The SOX is mostly understood by large businesses because it affects them the most because they have to follow everything under the act.   When it comes to small business owners they really don’t understand the act because they don’t meet all the requirements because of their size.   In the article “Sarbanes-Oxley – Not just for the Big Fish” it explains why small business owners need to understand the act if they want to grow their business.
Since the regulations of the SOX have hard repercussions if not followed, small to medium-sized businesses must follow them if they want to move up the ranks.   Large scale companies will not do business or invest into a small business because they want to remain squeaky clean under the regulations.   The SOX penalties are harsh because of one major scandal from a company called Enron.   It now holds companies responsible for everything that goes...