Latin American Mining Equipment Sector Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2015

This report provides a detailed analysis of customer preferences throughout the Latin American mining sector, focusing on the factors that influence purchasing decisions and the performance of major equipment suppliers. The analysis is based on Timetric’s extensive survey of over 100 mine managers and procurement managers.

Areas of analysis include:

Customer priorities when buying mining equipment, with ratings of the importance of 18 separate factors, and the satisfaction ratings on 16 factors, for customers when choosing mining equipment, including cost factors, supplier attributes and product attributes.

Ratings of existing suppliers across the same factors, identifying best-performing suppliers and how well suppliers performed versus the importance of each factor.

In-depth analysis of the major suppliers – Caterpillar, Komatsu and Atlas Copco – including their overall performance ratings, and ratings for each factor relative to its importance.

Rankings of the leading suppliers for each equipment type, with respondents indicating which they viewed as the top suppliers throughout Latin America for trucks, excavators, loaders, shovels, dozers, drills, continuous miners, engines, tyres, pumps and mining software.

Insights into the likelihood of switching supplier, and key action points for suppliers for product and service improvements required.

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Overall trends in the data revealed:

Customer priorities in supplier selection are product quality and availability of parts.

Suppliers perform well, but have lower levels of satisfaction in key areas.

Caterpillar received the highest average satisfaction ratings each of the 16 factors, and was considered the leading supplier for most categories of mining equipment.

Maintenance and service provisions made a significant impact in the selection process, alongside...