Last Night I Sang to a Monster






Alire’s work when writing the book was interested with the describing the kind of frustrations that face people after realizing that something has gone wrong. The main character in the story is a young man by the name Zach. Zach found himself taking drugs while he was in high school. The drugs had affected him to the extent that he became an addict. On realizing that all was not well, Zach tried to imagine the monster who had led him to the situation. The author has employed different writing styles to indicate the psychological problems that drug addicts undergo. The aim of this people is to describe the psychological complications associated with young drug addicts

Plot summary

The story is set in an environment most men are alcoholic. The main character, Zach let his home for so that he could not be infected with the alcoholic behaviors. The main character’s father was alcoholic and this situation depressed his mother so much. Zach was a brilliant young man and he could therefore understand the problems that her mother went through. Another person who had contributed to Zach’s problems was his abusive brother. However, instead of getting rid of alcoholic life, Zach found himself as an alcohol addict only at the age of eighteen. It was for this reason that he found himself in the hospital undergoing a rehabilitation program. In the hospital he was always comforted by Rafael, his brotherly father and Adam, a therapist.


The author has employed suffering as a theme for the case of drug addicts who undergo rehabilitation programs. Zach experience trauma mental problems everyday he imagined of his situation. It was unbelievable that he landed in a hospital for reasons that he had tried to avoid so much earlier. The major reason for he to experience trauma was because he believed that he was supposed to be in class with his fellow students....