Language Analysis

Language analysis
By   Benjamin Huynh
Issue: Tiger woods coming to Melbourne

The Melbourne Masters golf tournament has surfaced, once again, the debate about Tiger Woods, and if he is worth the three million dollar payment. Tony Jones, Nine News sports presenter, contends in a conversational and at times sarcastic tone, that the three million dollar appearance fee is unjustified by the government, in his online NINEMSN blog   “ TIGER WOODS FRENZY A BIT RICH” on 19 March 2009. In direct contrast, the editorial “ Tiger to set state roaring “ ( 19 March 2009) employs a utilitarian approach towards the issue, taking on a quite approving tone to argue that Tiger Woods will be worth the three million dollars, and will most definitely benefit our nation. In Mark Knights humorous cartoon, found in the Herald Sun on the 22 march 2009, he suggests that the state is a little extravagant spending.
Jones initially uses a very critical approach towards his argument, questioning the real purpose of the issue “ is this what the Melbourne-Sydney rivalry has come to?... getting one up over the ‘harbour city’.”   He questions the government and their analysis of the issue, in an attempt to put forth the fact that the government seem to have lost purpose .   The words “harbour city’’ sets a relaxed feel to the blog, which arouses comfort   towards the reading of the piece. To re-emphasize and further criticize the government in their endeavours,   he considers that   we are “forking out $ 3 million” . the statement “forking out” reflects a sense of carelessness and lack of importance of the money, ultimately making the reader inclined towards Jones’contention.   In relation to his criticism on the government , an appeal to “taxpayers” hip-pocket nerve is evoked   through saying “$ 1.5 of taxpayers money” is used to cover the three million in which the government is merely “...chipping in half of...”. Taxpayers will feel rather annoyed with the government as Jones humiliates , and...