Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong had everything; money, success, world-wide recognition and a loving family. In June 2012 that all changed when the US Anti-doping Agency (USADA) charged Armstrong with doping throughout his seven Tour de France victories. Xxxx investigates the media’s reaction to this shocking revelation.
Lance Armstrong has been heralded as the greatest cyclist of all time. The cancer survivor who returned to triumph in seven Tours de France is now the subject of intense media focus. Armstrong’s reluctant admittance of drug use has split the media and he is lauded by some still as the reigning king of cycling and considered the demon cheat by others in the media.
CNN’s Faith Karimi discusses her changing feelings for Lance Armstrong in her article “Lance Armstrong says his doping still 'polarizing topic' for many”. It is obvious throughout the article that her opinion of Armstrong has gone from one of admiration to feelings of disgust and shame.
There was once a time where Faith Karimi looked up to Lance Armstrong as one of, if not the greatest cyclist of all time and an inspiration to all. Her former admiration for him is best summed up in the line “His 1999 Tour de France win seemed all the more extraordinary after he fought off a disease which had spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain”. However that view all changed in early 2013…
Karimi, after hearing of Lance Armstrong being charged with doping throughout his cycling career now views the former hero with disgust. Throughout the article, you frequently encounter words such as “disgraced” and “admission” when reading about the cancer survivor. Karimi has carefully selected these words to illustrate her change of heart. “His reputation is in tatters, and the cycling victories that made him a legend are now wiped away” sums up her belief that he is now nothing more than a fraud and cheat.
Slate’s Jeremy Stahl has a slightly different view on Lance Armstrong. He doesn’t necessary blame Armstrong and...