Lady Macduff

I don't understand, I am so confused. Why did my beloved husband leave our children and I? What did he do? Was he in danger?   How could he be so cold-hearted and selfish to protect himself and not his family. Am I to fear for our safety too? Is he tending to business? How could he choose business over family? Does he love us not? Shouldn't family be of up most importance. It seems so out of character for him to do such a thing. Why did he not tell me himself that he was going to Scotland? I would have understood. Did he not trust me at all to tell me what was going on? I am a women of integrity and I value honesty.   His my husband, I thought I could trust him but yet he has betrayed me?

Our poor, poor children. How will they live without their father? They are so young, so innocent - they deserve better then this they have done nothing wrong.   How am I to raise our children on my own?- I am defenceless. How am I to keep our children safe? I will do my best but I cannot provide them with the protection and security the way their father can. Must the children and I flee too? Where will we go?   How am I to even care for our children? How will I put food on the table and put clothes on their back. Will he ever come back? Will our children and I ever see him again? Can I still trust him?

Am I at fault? Did I make my husband flee? I hope that he is safe and that one day he will return and hopefully I can understand and forgive him for fleeing. The road ahead will be tough without a husband but I have to stay strong, for the sake of the children.