Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth Essay

Shakespeare portrays Lady Macbeth in the first extract as if she is in charge of Macbeth. She tells him everything that he must do like when she says “Look like the time, bear welcome in your eye, your hand, your tongue; look like th’innocent flower but be the serpent under’t”                     here she is telling Macbeth to put on an innocent look but be a serpent under the innocent look.              
“He that’s coming must be provided for, and you shall put this nights great business into my dispatch” here she is telling Macbeth leave everything to me and it will all work out fine. But Macbeth has his doubts.
“Which shall to all our nights and days to come give solely sovereign sway and masterdom” here she is persuading Macbeth even more telling him about the crown (Masterdom means crown) and making Macbeth to be willing to murder Duncan and then they could have the crown. Really the only one that wants the crown is Lady Macbeth telling Macbeth all about it and saying how good it would be if they had the crown.
When Macbeth says “We will speak further-” he has his doubts that everything will go according to plan, that they will murder Duncan and get away with it and Lady Macbeth can see this so she says “To alter favour ever is to fear. Leave all the rest to me” Lady Macbeth is telling Macbeth you cannot do this leave all the rest to me. So in extract 1 Lady Macbeth seems to be in power over Macbeth and she is telling him what to do and how it will be.

Then in extract 2 Shakespeare portrays Lady Macbeth in a different way. Lady Macbeth was going to kill Duncan while Duncan was sleeping in his room but when she saw him she told Macbeth that he looks like her father so Macbeth had to do it but Macbeth come back down without the daggers so Lady Macbeth had to go back up and get the daggers and then she saw Duncan with so much blood on him.
When Lady Macbeth says “Out damned spot! Out, I say!” you can tell that Lady Macbeth is...