Lady Macbeth Monologue

(This is not yet finished)

Will these storms never go away? (looks out of window)

Those shadows from the trees outside my window follow me like the ghost of Duncan, with thick clouds boiling within the fog, with a rain shower growing as lightning flashes illuminating the trees, this ghost, this nightmare. The storm will not stop, it is a flutter of memory howling in my head, how can a storm that is outside my window mirror the one that is inside me, it will never leave me, it will always haunt me.   (Closes curtains)

What have I done? My mind cannot begin to think of what I have done nor the harmful consequences of my actions, Macbeths actions, Our actions. I wish for nothing more than the power to leave my thoughts in memories, memories I bury so deeply that they will never be recovered.

What is this that I see? (looks at hands) Never will my hands be clean; I will forever be stained with blood.   My hands are still shaking, shaking the thought of what I have done its pumping through my veins like poison.

(Walks to bathroom) Burn these bloody clothes, Wash your hands, wash your face, wash the guilt that has leaked into my skin, I must become clean of this sin. Scrub away the images that linger in my mind. I have to rid myself of the horrendous sin that I have committed and what I have influenced by beloved Macbeth to act upon