Ladnscc Assignment


1. What is the difference between a checklist and a rubric?


Rubric: A rubric is an instrument that attempt to make subjective measurements as objective, clear, consistent, and as defensible as possible. The objectivity is achieved by clearly defining the criteria on which performance or achievement should be judged. A rubric is designed to differentiate between levels of achievement, or development, by communicating detailed information about what constitutes excellent achievement and what constitutes below achievement.
In other words a rubric is a tool to make the teacher’s standards and resulting grading explicit, and on the other hand it gives learners a clear sense of what the expectations are for a high level of performance on a given assignment, and how they can be met.
Checklist: A checklist contain a list of behaviors or specific steps, which can be marked as present /absent, yes/ no, complete/ incomplete. A checklist helps to provide structure for learners and works very well if a teacher wants to monitor the completion of a task without the need to assign a rating scale.

2. What is the difference between an investigable question and a researchable question?

Investigable question seeks to:
  1. Produce qualitative or quantitative description of an object, material or phenomena. Example: What are the characteristics of a physical change? Or does brown sugar dissolve in water?
  2. Identify associations between the characteristics of different phenomena. Example: Is it easier to generate static electricity in a dry or humid room?
  3. Determine whether one or more variables cause or affect one or more outcome variables. Example: How does temperature affect the rate at which salt dissolves in water?
In case 2 and 3, a hypothesis is formulated from the investigable question and the three variables
(Independent, dependent and...