Lack of Training Resulting in Low Morale

Lack of Training Resulting in Low Morale
Low morale in the work place is never a good thing.   There are many things that can cause low morale, but I will be focusing on one aspect in particular.   Training and development are lacking in my friend’s office.   In effect, there has been a decrease in productivity and an increase in staff turnover.   Low morale and employee rumblings are resulting from this problem.
My friend works as a medical coder and actually has taken the initiative to become certified in many different areas of coding.   However, many of her co-workers do not have certificates and do not even have much experience working in an office environment.   They are forced to look up every code in a medical coding book, taking up lots of valuable work time.   In response, my friend is expected to shoulder much of the workload.
I have also worked in offices that experienced low morale due to the staff not being initially trained enough before starting their job.   They were then required to shoulder a great deal of work and responsibility and made to feel bad when asking questions.   I myself only received one day of training before taking on the management of 3 major satellite television distribution companies and scheduling their installations.
While searching on the internet for information about low employee morale, I was stunned by the amount of articles that were found.   I was not aware that low morale in the workplace was such an epidemic, but it is.   Doctors, nurses, customer service personnel and civil workers, just to name a few, all have low morale issues in their offices and work environments.      
My friend’s office needs a better training program to remedy this situation.   The company she works for needs to train their staff to develop themselves and to further cultivate the values of the company.   They need to reward and recognize good work.   Offering to send the employees to relevant training courses more frequently would benefit the company...