Labor of Love

Tamala Johnson
English Composition 1020 XT Baird
April 29, 2011

Labor of Love
Many things in life are unpredictable. There is no guarantee the job you’re applying for is yours. People are always holding out for a better job or more money.   With the state of the current economy companies and future hopeful employees are using more tricks and being creative with resumes. In this world, people have to understand that change is constant. Time stands still for no one.
Recently, I was online applying for jobs. I noticed how many companies were using terms like “weird” and fun loving. These are not the general terms companies use. However; the job market is more competitive and with fewer jobs than people, everyone needs to stand out. Many companies are using video resumes to do a “pre-interview” with hopefuls.
With changes in business standards, applicants are finding more relaxed atmosphere. Yet all of this comes at a price, because there is such a large pool of applicants, companies are cutting pay and benefits to fit the current market. The jobs that are known to pay well are dropping their wages by 10 and 15%. Now employees are entering the workforce making less and little to no benefits. While many people do not care because money is tight and working and making some income is better than no money.
Employers are starting to be more selective when they hire. As of March the national unemployment rate was 8.8%. This gives employers the chance to look for the best applicant, who will also take less money and value their jobs. This current surplus of workers is bad in a recession. It makes companies think of the bottom dollar and not the people out of work. With the rebound of the economy more companies are hiring and the policies that held true in the recession are still in place.
Changes in the way companies now screen and hire people, will only help the economy in the long run. These talent searches are producing more cohesive teams and harmonious work...