Labor Laws and Unions

Labor Laws and Unions
Okechukwu Ndukuba
May 7, 2012
Gene Little

Introduction – Exxon Mobil, Labor Laws, and Unions
Exxon Mobil, a giant in the oil and gas business sector with the benefit of long time operation, enjoys a prosperous company and workers relationship. This enviable relationship is as a result of the company’s commitment to respect basic human rights, supported by the policies in their Standard of Business Conduct. Diagnosis of this paper would touch on Exxon Mobil background, foreseeable legal issues and obstacles it could encounter, which arm of   government, federal, state, or local laws could be broken because of these legal issues and why, alongside the recommendations to minimize possible litigations. Also mention would be made on benefits of joining a union by an organization, the unionization process, how a union bargains, and the effects union bargaining has on the organization. Finally, the concluding section would comprehensively empower the paper as a rounded informative work.
Exxon Mobil Historical Background
        Exxon Mobil as one of the largest multinational company in the United States incorporates business profitability and social responsibility to both its employees and customers
      .The Company engaging in business profitability, same time took extensive measure to meet the wants, and needs of her internal, and external stakeholders. This could be seen from Exxon Mobil employee super welfare policies, community development projects worldwide, funding of vastly diversified research projects, and development in medicine, agriculture, and environment.
Legal Issues and Obstacles

The legal issues as relates to Exxon Mobil labor-management relations are offshoot of the above federal enactments, trickled down to state, and local labor law issues.
State of California and County Labor Laws: Most of these laws came from adoptions, reforms, court rulings, and daily practices of...