Labor Laws and Unions

Labor laws and Unions
Jessica Gonzalez
June, 21, 2011
Julie Gedro

The first unionization seen in history occurred during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Unionization was formed as a desperate attempt, from employees, to improve wages and working conditions. With time and the help of the case of Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Hunt, employees finally had a voice and looked forward to forming unions as a means of improvement (Cascio, 2010, p. 513). Unions are now known for high pay, good benefits and excellent working conditions. However, currently the number of Unions in America have diminished over time due to various reasons.

Over time America has evolved and has become a strong country through knowledge and technology. Teachers play a major role in the future of America. Teachers are the ones that interact, with the future generation, on a daily basis and ensure that the children of today are receiving the proper education needed to be successful in the future. Teachers are a unionized organization. The teachers of Philadelphia are part of the union of the American Federation of Teachers. A major problem within the teachers of philadelphia is that a large amount of teachers stopped caring and thus are going to work doing the minimum possible in order to get a pay check. The unionization of the teachers association state that   after 3 years of being a teacher, teachers automatically receive tenure which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to fire a teacher once tenure is received. Thus, allowing a bad seed to continue to grow. If the school district decides to fire a teacher, who has reached tenure, the school department would be in violation of federal law of ‘due process’. Originally tenure was put in place to protect ones job, ‘something intended to work as a check against administrators capriciously firing teachers and replacing them with friends or family members (teachers union exposed, 2011).
Teachers, as other...