Lab Report

Sierra Scales
Primary Source Documents

Republican Experiment:
  1. Jacob Bigelow, "Inaugural Address" (1816)
  - Was America a nation born of commerce?
        a. Yes, America was a nation born of commerce. The founders of the country were traders. When the Country was first started the settlers would trade goods for money.
  - What does Bigelow see as the most important challenges to America - what must it do to survive and thrive?
        a. He believes the most important challenges to America are the land and the way the weather affects how they can harvest.
        b. They must trade to survive in the area because there is only so much they can do in the winters.
  2. The Textile Mills
    - How did working in the textile mills affect the lives of young American women?
          a. Working in the mills was hard on young American women. They had to rise early and work long tedious hours for little pay. If they were late or didn’t work efficiently they were beat or punished severely.
    - Were the textile mills only concerned with the economic welfare of these workers?  
          a. No, the mills weren’t concerned with the economic welfare of these workers because they didn’t pay much.   They would make the women work for a long period of time for only a small wage.

Democracy in Distress

  1. Thomas Jefferson on the Whisky Rebellion
    -   What were Jefferson's primary fears about the Whiskey Rebellion?
          a. Jefferson’s primary fear about the Whiskey Rebellion were he thought that the government's use of force to utterly suppress the rebellion was a misuse of power and that it would set a precedent for boiling democratic trends in the future (like protests).
    -   What did he believe were the underlying causes?
          a. Jefferson believed the underlying causes to the Whiskey Rebellion were that farmers were being taxed the most since they turned corn into whiskey so that it could be moved easily....