La Poire Cupcake

La Poire Cupcake Packaging Brief

Date : 27.02.2012
Brand : La Poire

La Poire is the largest chain of pastry shops in Egypt with a total of 47 branches nationwide. With 35 years of expertise; La Poire enjoys high brand awareness and strong brand equity stemming from its consistently superior quality over the years. La Poire’s product range from French pastry products, viennoiseries, salaisons, petit fours as well as the oriental sweets & Kahk products.
La Poire also carries freshly baked bread as well as fresh sandwiches; made with natural ingredients.

La Poire has extended its products portfolio to include items that can cater to the needs of the young, modern consumers by introducing, coffee beverages as well as muffins and, now, the new range of cupcakes.
Although many names have crossed in and out of the cupcake scene and many cake makers add cupcakes as alternative for cakes for different occasions, main players in the cupcakes in the Egyptian market are basically Nola, Crumbs, Sugar’n Spice and Dina Cantina
Our challenge is to communicate that La Poire stands for a lot more than just delicious French & Oriental pastries: and why La Poire is the best choice when it comes to choosing the perfect cupcake.
“La Poire makes the perfect cupcake … just the way it used to make everything else!”

Building on La Poire’s existing brand equity as well as convenient locations and variety of offerings, to generate interest in La Poire’s cupcakes.

The Strategic Path
To take my brand from current perceived position
La Poire is mainly a pastry shop
La Poire’s makes the perfect Cupcake … just the way it used to make everything else!

Who are we talking to?
13-25 year old, AB+ SECs. Bull’s eye: 16 years old young consumers who value creativity, personalization and have the desire for experience rather than just more stuff and are in the market for more than a sugar rush.
They are living their lives on the fast lane and...