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Independent Learning Task
The Big Debate Video

In 1978 Mary Warnock produced a report on inclusion of special needs in education
Within it,
• Denounced Segregation
• Coined the term S.E.N.
• Introduced a Statement of Needs
As of 2013 there were approximately 1.5 million SEN’s in the UK.
The question I feel needs answering is. Was this report only designed as a safeguard?
The debate showed that certain people did not flourish in a main stream environment. So was the way the report implemented to diverse. Was it to open to interpretation?
The debate asked more questions than it gave answers, Could better schools be created? Has the requirement for resources, facilities, training and costing been fully thought through? Which children within SEN are the most difficult to support? At what key stages does it become the most challenging?
The program also showed that different areas of the country had different views on how much they were willing to put into the problem. The people within the debate had a wide range of views as to how SEN should, could and would be best served.
I also felt that the Statement of Needs may not be fit for purpose. Legality would seem to bog down to many statement applications. The process itself takes far too long, even if it goes smoothly. And the costs involved in going through the statement process are tantamount to daylight robbery.
My research would seem to suggest that, one in four statements go to appeal. This is madness. The cost of these appeals are enormious. Many parents/ guardians give up, due to the costs of legal professionals, I think the whole process is floored.
We have to live in the real world, on this subject. Yes it benefits the majority of SEN subjects, to be included in mainstream education. We could all do better to be more inclusive. But we have to be realistic; there is not an unlimited amount of resources, facilities and money available for this issue. Look at those who do the best job in...