L3 Award in Education and Training Unit 1 Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

The role and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer within education and training can vary depending on who you ask. Typically most people associate the teacher/trainers role solely as an expert who is there to pass on their expert knowledge of information to a group of learners however I see my role as a teacher/trainer much more than that.
My role is to create the ideal learning environment for my learners where I can not only pass on the knowledge, but I can coach and facilitate them through their learning.

In order to create the ideal learning environment any teacher/trainer must get the preparation right. To this we follow the five key areas.
1. Identify needs
2. Plan & Design
3. Delivery/Facilitation
4. Assessment
5. Evaluation

Identify needs: This is where we are identifying the needs of our learners and our centre needs. Examples may consist of learners who need additional support, boundaries within our within our teaching role or the environment we are going to be teaching in.

Plan & Design: This is a vital part of the preparation stage. This will consist of analysing a scheme of work and lesson plans which may be supplied by an awarding body however may need to be created following the guidance. You may need to prepare equipment, handouts or other learning materials. Ensure you know the size of group so you can make sure you have enough resources. An induction process is also important for any new group of learners which may include an Ice Breaker Activity, information on the course & qualification, health and safety etc.

Delivery/Facilitation: This area looks at how you are going to deliver the training. Is it going to be to a group or one to one? You will have to consider the type of learner you may have, a good practice is to cover all areas by having visual, audible and practical elements to the training. This will help create that ideal learning environment and will also help your learners remember your training.