L3 Award Certificate in Assesing the Quality of Assesment

L3 Awards/ Certificate in assessing the quality of Assessment

Monthly Journal

The month of July was an extremely difficult time, it came to my attention that some of this year’s cohort had received outside assistance with the written exams in the pipefitting area. I had to write 3 replacement exams in a very short period of time in spite of the fact I had never written them before. I had to pay close attention to the standards mapping the questions across to make sure all the appropriate units where achieved. Subsequently 5 learners failed at least 1 paper and I then had to write a further 3 units. Prior to sitting the exams I gave the learners extra tuition and revision sessions to help them. I met with Mandy Maplethorpe and she asked me to complete the knowledge questions in section 1 of my qualification. I found the answers in my standards and in my PTTLS books and answered the questions
August was spent taking a reflective view of my first year in teaching, and of the areas that the EV had mentioned had needed improvement. I had taken the decision to replace the learner log book with a portfolio not only for the traditional ‘black trades’ but the technical trades as well. It became apparent that the learners where not receiving the correct feedback content whilst carrying out their practical tasks to encourage them to improve. In addition to this there was no system in place to enable the learner to see where they were in terms of progression in their qualification. I then took two weeks holiday.

The start of September has been spent producing the content that I feel is important within the learner portfolios. Although I have been advised that a physical portfolio isn’t necessary due to the roll out of smart assessor electronic portfolio software, I feel that physical evidence is important to enable the learner to present to employers the content of the first year 47 week programme at catch. I met with my assessor Mandy...