L185 Tma04 Part 2

L185   TMA04 part 2

Rainforests have been declining rapidly over the last few decades. There are various factors responsible for this decline, resulting in serious impacts on the environment and the economy. Critically discuss the causes of deforestation and solutions to it.

Irresponsible and destructive activity caused by the human beings has resulted in deforestation. This phenomena have extended rapidly, and the rainforests are severely threatened of extinction. Forests are seen mainly as a primary resource, an exhaustible resource of high commercial value. On the other hand, trees are the foundation of our life on the earth, give us oxygen, so we are able to breathe and live. Rainforests are the domain of nearly half of the world’s species; a comprehensive biological and genetic bank. They offer various specific environments, which generate and maintain the biodiversity. Rainforests are also crucial in the climate situation by regulating gases in the atmosphere, protecting the environment from desertification. The importance of these elements, which generates an intense and critical debate, would assist in the betterment of the deforestation problems.

These valuable ecosystems are the most threatened on the globe. Recent FAO statistics show that each day at least 80,000 acres of forest disappears along with several hundred species. While these forests vanish, more CO2 is added to the atmosphere contributing to a change in climatic conditions. CO2 emissions are generating nearly 20% of the global greenhouse emission. Despite the Amazon deforestation, the rate is at a lower point since the data record was introduced in previous decades. According to WWF Brazil, nations should focus on decreasing deforestation along with the reduction of the emissions generated. Claudio Maretti   WWF-Brazil Conservation Director, suggested an implementation of a regular payment mechanism support, which would compensate those who conserve the standing forest.