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The following templates provide HR Professionals and / or Line
Managers with a series of simple and logical steps for creating an
effective learning & development plan
The four templates have been designed by Frank Penson, Senior Partner of Strategies for Training, a specialist consultancy which helps
organisations to design and implement effective training, learning and development strategies. The templates have been developed and
refined in the light of “road-testing” with blue-chip organisations and consultation with highly experienced HR professionals.
Please see page 2 for detailed Guidance Notes. The remaining four pages are the templates themselves. These templates may be used
by individuals and organisations providing that the copyright continues to be acknowledged.

© Strategies for Training

These notes explain how to use the templates. In each of the templates is a partial example, simply to illustrate how it works. Each of the four templates may be used initially to create
a draft and then subsequently to record the agreed plan. In particular, the second template should be completed in draft before a final version is attempted.

First template: What must be the focus of our learning and development activity?
In the first column of this template, list the business outcomes required. What is it that your organisation needs to achieve? This question must be answered in terms of outcomes: the
more specific the better. These “outcome” statements should reflect your organisation’s objectives, critical success factors and / or benefits which your organisation is seeking. If your
organisation’s objectives are already expressed as outcomes, then they can be slotted straight into this...